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Success with an “Automation-First” Strategy

IT automation creates a repeated process that replaces an IT professional’s manual work in the data center and cloud. Many IT challenges can be solved utilizing this future-proof strategy. Here’s a quick breakdown of how IT Automation accelerates IT operations.

Challenge: Provisioning and deploying environments manually is time-consuming and requires a high skillset.
Benefit: IT automation tools allow you to accomplish complex infrastructure processes with on-demand configurations and resources.

Challenge: Multiple, disparate cloud and hybrid cloud environments are often difficult for IT teams to manage.
Benefit: Automation assets help codify resources across all clouds with a single API for a given operation.

Challenge: Fluctuating, scalable infrastructure is hard to manually keep up with.
Benefit: Automation tools and platforms help streamline tedious tasks and processes as infrastructure needs increase.

Challenge: In the era of digital transformation, IT departments often struggle to manually test and integrate the modern applications required to move business forward.
Benefit: Automation tools are able to quickly test, integrate, and deploy new applications without the manpower and downtime.

Challenge: The state of cyber threats and the pressure to keep data secure puts stress on IT teams in a myriad of ways.
Benefit: Automation can be used to define and enforce security policies as well as proactively remediate issues.

Challenge: The routine management of IT infrastructure takes away from high-value initiatives.
Benefit: The time management offload that comes with automation allows IT teams to focus on strategic projects.

Challenge: Managing a complex IT environment with multiple clouds, vendors and applications is expensive.
Benefit: Automation allows an organization to streamline and manage their environment, which leads to reduced complexity and cost.

If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of how to leverage automation within your own business, schedule a workshop with an expert! Pave the way for your own transformation with IT automation tools.